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James Family Photos

Meet the James Family! Or re-meet them, as I have posted photos of them before. If you want to see their photos from before click here: James Family Photos. We even did photos in the same place this time. If you haven't been to Chapman State Park in Indian Head MD, I highly recommend you check it out. We had a great time smiling, running, jumping, and lots of hugs and kisses!

Meet Ethan, Melissa, Oliver, Luke, and Liam.

Squeezing always makes for a cute photo.

Once we got picture of everyone together, each son took a turn with each parent. The fall leaves were a beautiful background!

Luke makes THE best face ever!!

(he smiled, too, but I really love this photo)

Like I said - great faces 😄

This was my first time meeting Oliver. Boy oh boy does he know how to pose for my camera!

Superhero pose!

Boys love to run, so why not photograph them while they run right at me? 😆

It's also good to get some pics of just Mom and Dad. Don't worry, the boys weren't far away.

Can't do a blog post without at least ONE black and white - so sweet.💗

I also got individual pics of each boy. Some while they were running.....

Some while they were posing......

And some while they were sticking their tongues out!

Remember when I said boys love to run? Well they also love to climb.....and JUMP!

Family photos are always and adventure!

💜And I love it every time💜

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