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Senior Portraits - in the Snow!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a big snowstorm here in Maryland. Like, a LOT of snow with power outages, school closures and a transformation of our dull gray world into a scene from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Normally, I am out taking photos of the snow in my neighborhood when this happens. BUT, I did lose power, and I had to preserve my camera's battery for another special project - a senior portrait session.

Meet Jackson. As his mother and I discussed scheduling his senior portraits and what kinds of photos they would want, he only had 2 requests: 1 - he had to have some with his cello and 2 - he really wanted his photos to be in the snow.

This was a tall order. We don't really get snow in here on a regular basis. Some years we don't get any! Then the snowstorm happened, and Jackson got his wish of an AMAZING backdrop for his senior portraits.

These are just in his backyard. I did not want any of us to have to drive more than we had to with the backroads still being questionable. With the snow, the backyard was beautiful!

☝This shot was a request of Jack's mother. There is a childhood photo of him in this same pose and she wanted to be able to post them side by side.

Now for some shots with the cello!

Congratulations Jackson!

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