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Senior Portraits with Ben

I had the unique pleasure to photograph this young man to commemorate his SENIOR YEAR in high school.

Meet Ben. Not only did I get to photograph him as a senior, I've photographed him before AND taught him in middle school! It's been wonderful to see him grow from a little 6th grader to a strong young man looking forward to becoming a full-fledged adult!

See some more of his photos! 👇

Ben's dog, Molly. She is crazy. I had a lot of photos of her jumping up or on top of Ben.

And then we finally got a nice shot where she was still. It only lasted a second.

Once we did all the posed shots, we had fun doing some action shots.

This shot, and the next are some of my favorites. The intense athlete through the net is just cool. And he has the ever-so-slight smirk at me, which I love!

Congratulations, Ben!

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