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Meet Megan!

Hi, I’m Megan, it’s nice to virtually meet you :)


I am a school teacher by day and a photographer the rest of the time. I was born, raised in, and still live in Southern Maryland - can I get a shout-out from my crab pickin' friends out there?


I discovered my love for photography in Photography 101 in college and I have continued to enhance my skills and artistic eye ever since. In 2015 I was hired for my very first job as a photographer.


When I’m not taking pictures for hire, I enjoy photographing for fun on my travels. I am a regular visitor to the Outer Banks in North Carolina and also enjoy day hiking at National or State Parks. Nothing beats a quiet sunrise photo session before the rest of the world wakes up.

At home, my photo-editing buddy and partner in couch-cuddling is my cat, Miles.

My Style

I love to photograph people as they are in real life. Often people (myself included!) get uncomfortable when in front of a camera. I talk to my clients as I photograph them to help make them comfortable and really bring out their genuine smiles. This helps me really get to know my clients and see who they are.  This can include some pretty corny jokes and some silly actions. Be warned - you will be asked to stick your tongue out directly at the camera! 

Have you ever noticed just how colorful our world is?  I love to bring the beautiful color I see in person into the photos I take. The only exception is when I take a color photo and convert and edit it into a black and white image. Our eyes process a B&W photo differently than a color one and lend a timeless quality to it. At least one B&W shot is guaranteed to end up in your photo collection from your wedding or portrait session.

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